Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Worksheet? Ya.. Tree Diagram... Can You Do it???

For this task it is more related to the knowledge that we had learned this week that is tree diagram. This task requires us to do a worksheet about tree diagram of at least two different sentences.

At first we need to find two sentences and then we need to analyze the into a tree diagram. i already choose two sentences taken from the article in magazine and also from storybook. After finish doing a complete tree diagram of the two sentences, I need to create a worksheet for the student of my level more specifically my classmate. The worksheet must contain questions and its answer scheme.

This worksheet will be given to one of my classmate. After that we need to check the answer by using the answer scheme that each of us had prepared beforehand. Based on my classmate work, I can conclude that he already mastered the concept of a tree diagram and its components involved. He can do the worksheet without making any mistakes.

The aspect that I focused for this worksheet is to determine whether my friend can identify various type of word classes, type of phrases and a better understanding of word structures.

This is also my first time doing a worksheet. believe me doing it for my age level is not an easy task. Why? It is because I need to create a worksheet and plan it carefully so that the one who going to do my worksheet will feel that that was an easy task for him/her. I need to create it by referring to his knowledge level and what I want to evaluate from this worksheet. 

Apart from that, I think this is a good way for us who will became an English teacher in a few more years and months.

Review on The Effect of Malaysian Culture in English

In this week we were asked to do a presentation based on the topic given to us. For our group we were given a topic about Multicultural effect on English language in Malaysia.

At first our group did not very understand about the topic but thank to our lecturer for the guidance and tips on what can we talk about the topic that was given to us? According our lecturer, we can talk about mistake made by Malaysian when they speak English, code-switching and code-mixing phenomena.

Apart from that, based on the discussion with madam ira, we decided to discuss about the history of English language in Malaysia since colonial time, mistakes done by Malaysian when speak English and English phenomena in Malaysia.

In order to support our main ideas in the discussion, our group tries so hard to find other supporting material like quotation from linguists and book or others.

During the presentation phased, i put together all the strength in me to be confident to speak English in front of the class and most important to speak in front of madam ira our English lecturer is not an easy task because every sentence and ideas spoken will be evaluated by her.

C'mON let's Play while LEARning

For this task which is creating our own language game we had created a language game called word scrabble. This game was specially made to test students or anyone vocabulary bank. This game can be played individually or as a group of 4 to 5. 

Apart from that, we also put some interactive interface by using some useful multimedia since we used Microsoft PowerPoint to create this language game.

During the implementation of this game, we can see that all the group who play this game seem interested and although this game only use minimal conversation among group members since they need to concentrate on creating new word from the word given.

Lastly, we do feel that this game can reach the objective which is to test and evaluate student vocabulary bank. Not only have that, during the game they also learn new vocabularies through peered teaching.

wow Love Tounge Twister~Let Twist it~

For our task, we were asked to do a minimal pair of tongue twister to be presented in front of the class.


- Combinations of alliteration (repetition of a sound)
- A phrase design-made very easy to slip accidentally.
- Spoonerism- words or phrases in which letters or syllables get swapped
Tease my ears (Ease my tears)
A lack of pies (A pack of lies)

Our group had chosen two tongue twister as follows:

Tongue twister 1:

If you can't can any candy can,
how many candy cans can a candy canner can,
if he can can candy cans ?

Tongue twister 2:

A big black bug bit a big black dog on his big black nose!

For me, individually this minimal tongue twister activity is an enjoyable activity for me. Apart from learning the correct pronunciation of a sound, we also can learn it through an enjoyable activity which is good in learning process.

Apart from that, some teacher tends to introduce a tongue twister to his/her class and then ask their students to say it out loud. To make tongue twister become more enjoyable, teacher can use some rhyme to that tongue twister and then sing it along with her/his students. This can attract more of the student to participate in the learning process.

From what that I can see during the class, when we do the tongue twister, I can see that all of my classmate really really enjoy it and in the mean time they also can improve their pronunciation. I do agree some of us got a superb or maybe good pronunciation in our class.

The other groups also present their own interesting tongue twister.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let's do the Phonetic~~~Bombastic

Here are some video to teach us to sound the english sound in a correct way....

Let's do the Mime

In this task, we were asked to do a mime on a situation that we have choose. This task helps us to understand better the way of transferring of idea through non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication does not involve the use of language as it only uses body language and etc.

Non-verbal communication.....

In this task, we will use our body to express our idea and we already recorded it. Here is the video:

We use every part of our body to express the idea. For example through our action, mimic and face expression. For me communication is not only is the type of speaking words or creating sound, communication also can be others like body expression, picture, drawing, action and others. That is why I believe that sometime people also can misunderstood even though they are not saying any single words at all.
For our own mime video, what we are trying to say here is there is a misunderstood between two guys. One of the guys flirt with the other guy's girlfriend.  from that, these two trying to prove who is stronger. Even though we do it in a creative way where we put some funny element inside it but what we are trying to say is really happening in our daily life in our community. Some people fight for just a simple matter. I know maybe some of my classmate or even our lecturer maybe cannot catch a glimpse of what are the main idea or main moral value but I still happy and proud for our product.